From the world’s first cars to the world’s best bargains

You know those old black and white photographs you see every once and again? The ones with practically prehistoric cars puttering about at thirty miles an hour? Chances are excellent that whatever car you’re picturing right now is an old Ford. The Ford Model-T was the first mass produced car and quickly became the envy of everyone with a few extra dollars in his pockets and the aspiration to see the world. In the early days of automotive accessibility, car ownership was reserved for the well to do. Before the Model-T, even the most affluent people traveled by horse or ship, and journeys could take days. The production of Ford’s first cars changed the world and how people behaved. All of a sudden, people had access to exponentially greater areas to explore or do business. Traveling became a reality for the working class and ceased to be a dream for only the rich. With this access, came demand for cars, more specifically affordable cars that the common man and woman could have access to. Ford perfected the assembly line and in turn they perfected mass production. Today, that tradition of making great cars for the working-man is alive, well and flourishing.


It’s been about a hundred years since the Model-T came out, and Ford is still leading the charge, making fantastic cars that are the standard by which all other car manufacturers measure themselves. The 2014 Ford fleet is especially exciting, showcasing a variety of cars from the brand new iteration of the classic Mustang to the practical Edge to the rugged and best selling Explorer. There truly is the perfect vehicle for every lifestyle.


Not only does Ford have a rich and long history of making cars, but they also have a century old reputation of unbeatable customer service to back that up. Don’t believe me? Go down to Citrus ford and please see for yourself. You’ll be greeted by a friendly sales representative and you can even take a test drive. After five minutes behind the wheel during a test drive, you’ll know that you’ve finally found exactly what you’re looking for, at the price you’re willing to pay. Just last week, I purchased my first Ford, the Explorer and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’re not quite ready to buy, southern California Ford offers competitive lease options too.


My readers know that my time is precious, and I leave nothing up to chance. For that reason, people like me should just get to their computers and check out any Ford site, including to get all the information you need to make an informed decision. You can get quotes and choose from all the right packages and amenities. It’s easy, and you can even find the right location for you.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident

Automobile accidents are the most dangerous part of driving, but the reality is that they also happen on a regular basis. However, not all accidents are serious. In reality, most of them are just minor bumps but, having said that, it is important to know what you should do if this ever happens to you.

1. Assess the situation

This step is dependent upon the severity of the accident. Initial thing you should do is to determine if you are hurt or otherwise not. After this you can look after any passengers who might be in your car. If everyone is alright, you can go and check in the people in the other car. Though it may be normal to demonstrate concern for these people in this situation, you should also look at their license place and either repeat it till you remember it, write it down or take a photo. When the accident is actually a minor one, it is possible for them to flee the scene, especially.


2. Call the police

It is really an obligatory step no matter how minor the accident was. Some individuals think that the authorities need to be informed only of major accidents that led to injury, but the truth is that you aren’t doing anybody any favors by lacking the police involved. The accident report they give will be very useful for the insurance company and, in most cases, it is actually mandatory.


3. Move the ca if safer

For a small accident, there is not any need to hold up an entire lane of traffic. You need to find somewhere to pull the automobile over to ensure that other drivers may pass, as long as you can perform this safely.


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The new Mercedes-Benz ML

Mercedes-Benz MLThe company Mercedes-Benz began testing the new version of its SUV ML-Class. After the facelift model, which premiered scheduled for exhibition in Detroit in 2015, will get new bumpers and headlights, different interior trim and upgraded engines. This Mercedes-Benz ML is only 2.5 years after its third generation was released in the summer of 2011, however, the company rushed its renovation to be able to offer the market an adequate competitor completely new BMW X5. The place tests Germans chose the Arctic Circle. From the pictures of the prototype can be judged that the radical changes in the design of the model are not expected. Clearly, the SUV will have new bumpers and lights, according to people familiar base version will be available with xenon and LED headlights entirely will be offered as an option. The hall is the big new sensor mouse, which will be managed multimedia complex Comand. He debuted the new Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG and will soon appear on the next-generation C-Class and bath V-Class.

Why Nothing Makes You Smile Like a Jeep


Perhaps you are thinking of taking the plunge and buying your first Jeep Wrangler. You may have already been checking out them out at If so, you may have already listened to from friends or family that a Wrangler isn’t extremely “practical” or that it will not make a really good family car. Only you can decide if a Wrangler is absolutely practical for you and your way of living. While you are considering it above, here are few reasons we think the Wrangler is indeed very special. We’re talking about why nothing becomes more smiles per gallon than a Jeep Wrangler.

It is a Convertible-That May Go Just about anywhere

The basic appeal of the Wrangler-and its particular brethren the CJs and military Jeeps going back to The Second World War-is actually quite simple.
1. They are exciting to drive.
2. They are convertibles.
3. They may go spots other automobiles can’t.

That’s it. Which may not sound like a lot, but consider how hard it is actually to put all of that in one motor vehicle and you commence to understand something about the Jeep and its specific aura of coolness. Take into consideration this: when the Jeep was initially introduced, the Ford Model T was still a frequent sight on the road. Today, the Model T is a museum piece but modern types of the Jeep are still coming off the construction lines. The truth is, the Jeep is more popular than ever if sales statistics are any guide. There exists a reason for this: Jeeps are enjoyable!

Practical Is Just As Practical Does

As far as usefulness, try this one on for size. The same automobile you push like a dune buggy about the beach over the summer can get you to work or the retail store in mud and snow this winter. It takes you through places that would bring other vehicles to your dead standstill. The 4×4 Jeep Wrangler isn’t a silver bullet: you still have to know how to push in awful weather. Nevertheless it will get you through road issues that would cease other vehicles (literally) within their tracks. On top of all that, this same motor vehicle can be used as a small truck and its inside hosed out when dirty. Featuring its soft top dropped in nice climate, it will serve admirably when your convertible. Enzo Ferrari-no stranger to sports activities cars-once mentioned the Jeep was America’s only true sports car.

We imagine he was smiling when he stated it.


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Suzuki Authentics

Suzuki AuthenticsThe second attempt in recent years to have a cheap sedan will make the company Suzuki. The Japanese plan to attack China market model Authentics. Already know that by mid-2014 medium size sedan Authentics will be produced in the most populous country of the joint venture Changan-Suzuki. The car of the C-segment is designed specifically for the local market along the lines of the sedan Citroen C4. Its competitors except the French model will be Chevrolet Cruze and Nissan Sylphy.
Suzuki Authentics prices will range between 16,400 USD and 24,600 USD, manufacturers believe him at a later stage to begin to export to other countries. The sedan is built on the platform of the model S-Cross, from which it was taken and the engine – 1.6-liter petrol engine with 122 hp power The gearbox is 5-speed manual but is available CVT. The most expensive versions is provided and 1.8-liter petrol engine.

SsangYong developed new 7-seat SUV

SsangYong SUVThe company is developing a new SsangYong compact crossover that should appear in 2014 it was clear from the beginning of the year, but it is known that the model will be available in long-wheelbase modification and 7 seats. The both cars will be produced on the same platform for the 7 seats version will be extended. It is now clear also that the modification with 5 seats with internal corporate name Car X will compete as prices of Nissan Juke, but the length will be close to Opel Mokka – 4278 mm. The design of future model will be as close readings of the Geneva Motor Show SsangYong XIV-1 Concept. Special vehicle company Mahindra & Mahindra, which owns the Korean manufacturer, develops completely new petrol and diesel engines with 1.6 liter.
It will travel to Geneva car show next year. Swiss exhibition, however, it will be presented as a prototype, while the production version will go to the Paris Motor Show in autumn.

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan

Volkswagen Golf SportsvanThe new compact van Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan was spotted during tests. The serial modification of the model will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014. The van was presented with the name Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. The changes have affected the front bumper, which is a new form. The stops are of a small size, and the rear door is completely new. The same goes for the glazing of the model whose shape has changed a lot of places. Dimensions of length Sportsvan are 4340 mm, width 1800 m and 1580 mm height. This makes it 13 cm long, 5 cm wide and 2 cm lower than the current generation of the Golf Plus, which is based on the 6th generation of the hatchback. The wheelbase in a bath of 48 mm greater, reaching 2685 mm. The volume of the luggage compartment is 500 liters which can be increased by a further 65 l at the maximum -forward rear seats. And if they are folded, the boot will hold up to 1500 l.

Worst Cars to Come out of the 1970s

The 70s were a so-so decade for the automotive industry. While some cool cars were developed in that era, it became more well-known for its huge share of heaps of junk that were on the road at that time. Here are a few 70s cars that nobody is going to miss, though just trying to decide which ones were the worse is a hard task.

1. Ford Pinto

Starting off with one of the most infamous cars ever made, the Ford Pinto. By now, most people will know why this car is considered so bad – it was a deathtrap. The gas tank was positioned at a very bad angle so that when the car would be hit from behind, even a slight collision, the tank would usually catch fire. This led to numerous incidents and the reputation of the Pinto and Ford, in general, was not helped by the rumor that the company knew about the problem but chose to ignore it because paying for wrongful death settlements was cheaper than fixing the tanks.

DTLA Nissan-6-1

2. Ford Mustang II

Seeing as how the original Mustang is still one of the most successful cars of all time, Ford had some high expectations to meet with the new model. Suffice to say that it failed in every way: the new Mustang was less uglier, an and powerful overall embarrassment to the legacy of the Mustang.

DTLA Nissan-6-2

3. AMC Gremlin

The Gremlin took the cake, even though aMC made a number of terrible cars in the 70s. It is fitting that the car was released on April Fools’ Day as it was just a giant joke – horrible in every way with equipment that would fall off the car during the ride.

DTLA Nissan-6-3

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Check out These Crazy Chinese Vehicles – Which ProbablyWon’t be Coming to a Showroom near You Anytime Soon

… anytime soon! You’ve got to be a little bit careful, perhaps the heading should read “Truly Bizarre Chinese Vehicles You Probably Won’t be Seeing in America” or “Truly Bizarre Chinese Vehicles You Definitely Won’t Be Seeing in My Driveway / Garage” or even “Truly Bizarre Chinese Vehicles You Won’t see in Chevrolet in Ontario”.

Right, enough of that, let’s take a look at what these bizarre Chinese vehicles actually are.

The whole word is going green and car manufacturers are no exception – there is certainly no shortage of imagination when you discover some of these extremely bizarre and uniquely creative electric vehicles;

Tang Hua – a Chinese car company have come up with a trio of superb efforts, they’ve been rather aptly described as “yellow submarines”. How else could they be described, yep, think Enid Blyton’s “Noddy” car, think Dr. Seuss book illustrations . . . you’re probably getting somewhere close, and in case you were wondering, they really are yellow.


Suzuki PIXY SCC – not sure how to describe this little beauty actually! It’s small (of course), can carry up to 2 people (very social), and opens at the front, in fact the whole of the front lifts up for you to climb in to a rather comfortable chair. It’s got 3 wheels which are totally looks and enclosed extremely futuristic? Alternatively, should that be 1960’s futuristic? You getting the idea . . . if you want to see one don’t go to because they only have “proper” cars.

And I doubt very much whether you’ll see many of them in your local supermarket car lot anytime soon, bamgoo – I’m cheating here a bit because this unique offering is actually from Japan so it’s not far off and is far too bizarre not to be worthy of a mention. When you’re talking wacky this is surely the wackiest of them all – it runs on renewable electricity (of course) but takes renewable resources even one step further – it’s made entirely of Bamboo. If you don’t quite make it home, you could just pick it up and carry it for the last few miles, it kind of reminds you of some sort of wicker basket on wheels and only weighs 130 pounds, can run for 30 miles on a single charge but don’t worry.


Ecooter – no prizes for guessing what this is, have you guessed yet? It’s an electric Chinese vehicle which is a little bit like a scooter, I did say a little bit like a scooter although it does actually have 4 wheels which are cleverly mounted in a diamond design. It is fully enclosed and, thanks to the innovative wheel mountings is superb for getting into tight parking spots.

Nissan Pivo 2 – okay, this one might be from Japan as well but hey, give me a break! It’s so “cute” it cannot be ignored. This little comic book beauty doesn’t have a reverse gear, and that doesn’t mean that it can’t travel backwards, it just doesn’t need a reverse gear because the four wheels can swivel around to propel the car (I use that term loosely) in all directions, even sideways.


Some of these vehicles really are incredible, seeing is believing but as we’ve already decided, you probably won’t be seeing them in America anytime soon. Perhaps it’s time to book a flight to China and check out some of these outstanding, unbelievable, unique and creative bizarre vehicles. I can’t think of any more words to describe them.

Getting The Best UTV’s Company Online

Alfa Romeo SUVUtility terrain vehicles, also known as UTVs, are some of the most versatile off-road machines on the planet. Not only are these rugged vehicles engineered to tackle tough terrains, but they are also capable of handling a slew of work-related tasks. Whether the owner is working on the farm or blazing down a muddy trail, a UTV promises to get the job done. Although a UTV is certainly an impressive piece of machinery, there are numerous upgrades available to make it even more proficient. Here are the top upgrades for a UTV.

Although the stock tires may be fine for puttering around the yard, they may not be suited to handle extremely rough landscapes. Upgrading to a quality set of aftermarket tires will instantly make the UTV a more capable vehicle. When upgrading the tires, make sure that they are designed for the specific type of riding surface. For example, sand tires will not perform very well on rocky terrains.

Hard cab enclosure
A hard cab enclosure is designed to protect the driver from the environmental elements. A hard cab enclosure is a must-have accessory for owners that frequently ride in adverse weather conditions. It definitely helps to keep the driver warm in extremely cold climates. will be able to provide some actual examples.